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The Polished+ platform makes designing your brand fast and simple.

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The Polished+ Platform

Build your logo

Choose from high quality symbols, characters, type, and more to create your logo! See colour variations and make high quality vector logos!

Develop your brand

Choose from high quality templates or start from scratch. Our Brand Builderâ„¢ system can help you create exactly what you are looking for.

See your logo in action

See how your logo can be used in a number of scenarios merchandise, marketing material, and more!

Print your products

Submit your designs to our professional printers to have your products created and shipped to you!

A platform like no other.

With the Polished brand builder, you can create any asset your team could need. From logos, to jerseys, to merchandise, to advertisements. With simple templates, a variety of pre-designed elements, and an easy to use platform, professional level sports branding is at your fingertips!

Join now and take your team to the next level.

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