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With the Polished brand builder, you can create any asset your team could need. From logos, to jerseys, to merchandise, to advertisements. With simple templates, a variety of pre-designed elements, and an easy to use platform, professional level sports branding is at your fingertips!

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With Polished I was able to easily update my hockey team’s brand. I made a new logo, jersey, and team jackets. It was so easy and quick, I would definitely recommend it to other teams!

— Joe Hughes, Bay City Sharks

I was able to easily take an idea I had in my head and use the simple tools to make it a reality. We are so happy with the fanctastic products and results we got for our team!

— Alexa Johnson, Ottawa Wildcats

The last company I worked with made it really difficult to get what we wanted. With Polished+ we got exactly the look and feel we were looking for! It was easy and efficient and fun!

— Felix Addams, Montreal Sled Dogs